Killing right handed weeds

I have been playing with farm bot weed cutter.
Detection was not brilliant, however it did a good enough job for a test.

The one problem I found was a weed that was near a plant.

Farmbot wanted to kill it which was fine – however it was very close to another plant and the approach vector it took was through the other plant in that the cutter head was inserted between the plan and the weed so IF I had allowed it to power up, the back of the spinning cutter would have destroyed my plant.

If the weed was on the left side of the plant, the vector would have been OK.

Has anyone found a solution to this beside manual weeding?

The Weed detection should categorize weeds which within a plants radius. So increasing the plants radius should give you a greater safe space.
However the Mow all Weeds Sequence literally mows all weeds. You can set up a group in weeds section an set filter Method → automatic. the write a sequence to mow only weeds in that group.