~Kudos to Rory Aronson!

Rory, I just saw your latest Youtube Vid and noticed the comments were disabled, so sharing this here.

Quick Kudos to all that you’ve been doing since 2011 when your idea first gestated. (* according to Wiki)

I have had a slow start to building my FarmBot, but your continued software updates and video tutorials have all been excellent motivators.

Thanks for all that you’ve been doing. Most would build a cool product, run a kickstarter campaign and “rest on their laurels”, so to speak. The fact that you continue to do non-for-profit outreach work, and are promoting educational programs for Public Schools and University’s etc. is truly admirable.

Cheers to you and your team.


Thanks so much! All of the people over at Thrive are wonderful and incredibly excited about FarmBot. I can’t wait to see where that story goes :slight_smile:

Here is the video that @romanarchitect is referring to: