Lack of expressiveness for Schedules

Within a Regime, the schedule seems to lack enough expressiveness for many scenarios. For example these are the sorts of things you can’t do:

  1. Repeat a sequence every 5 min’s for a given day
  2. Run a sequence 10 min’s after the start of each hour or every so many hours during the day
  3. Run a sequence every other week or on the first day of each month or once a year, etc.
  4. Run a sequencer at the start of every hour but on every other day

And many more such combinations. Yes, I know you can “select days”, but I think this control should be more like a calendar scheduler with more expressive logic and probably more textural. Keywords would be like:

a) Start at a certain min of the day
b) Start relative to a certain hour within a day
c) Then repeat every so many min’s or every so many hours during the day
d) Starting on a certain day of the year or relative to current day after so many days
e) Then Repeating every so many days or on the x day of each week or the y day of each month or the z day of each year
f) etc.

So for a given regime:

Repeater Yes/No?

if Yes, then select Frequency [Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly]

if frequency==hourly, then select every x hour(s)
if frequency==daily, then select every x day(s)
if frequency==weekly, then select every x weeks on [Su,Mn,Tu,We,Thr,Fri,Sa]
if frequency==monthly, then select every x month(s) and then either each with a day selector or on the [first, second, third, fourth, fifth, last] [day, weekday, weekend, Su, Mn, Tue, We, Thr, Fri, Sa]
if frequency==yearly, then nothing more is specified

finally, then end [after, on date, never]

if end==after, then select how many times it repeats till it stops
if end==on date, then select the date
if end==never, then don’t end

We also need to see when schedule conflicts are going to occur when we have more than one regime that is going to run.

Great points, @bgmoon . We are still in the early days of the sequence and regimen editors, and those sound like very possible use cases. We will keep you posted on the newsletter and forum as we start adding more flexibility to the editor in future releases.