Latest Farmbot OS Update 4.6.5 causes trouble

Everytime I execute a farmware or sequence I get a log entry:

Something went wrong: (‘Connection aborted.’, BadStatusLine("’’",))

This is VERY consistent right after the first step in a sequence and VERY fatal during watering as this is not causing the robot to go in e-stop and the water valve stays on!

Here is a log from Farmbot from today:

Farmbot sent you an email.
Here’s what your device had to say:

  • [MLH] Something went wrong: (‘Connection aborted.’, BadStatusLine("’’",))
  • #Farmware<MLH(1.1.4)> completed with exit status: 1
  • CS Failed: [execute_script] - “Farmware failed”
  • Bot is Successfully unlocked.
  • Moving to (210.2, 218.6, -199.96)
  • Movement to (210.2, 218.6, -199.96) complete.
  • Moving to (110.2, 218.2, -199.96)
  • Movement to (110.2, 218.2, -199.96) complete.
  • Syncing
  • Synced
  • [Water All Planted Plants] - Sequence init.
  • [Water All Planted Plants] - Sequence Executing: SendMessage
  • FarmBot is at position 110.4, 218.2, -199.96 and starting to water
  • [Water All Planted Plants] - Sequence Executing: ExecuteScript
  • Beginning execution of #Farmware<MLH(1.1.4)>
  • [MLH] {‘save_meta’: None, ‘min_x’: 110, ‘default_z’: -200, ‘sequence’: {‘init’: {‘name’: ‘None’, ‘id’: -1}, ‘after’: {‘name’: ‘water for 30sec’, ‘id’: -1}, ‘end’: {‘name’: ‘None’, ‘id’: -1}, ‘before’: {‘name’: ‘None’, ‘id’: -1}}, ‘filter_meta’: [(‘plant_stage’, ‘planted’)], ‘action’: ‘real’, ‘pointname’: [’*’]}
  • [MLH] 142 plants selected by the filter
  • [MLH] Moving absolute: {‘y’: 80, ‘x’: 150, ‘z’: -200}
  • Moving to (150.0, 80.0, -200.0)
  • Movement to (150.0, 80.0, -200.0) complete.
  • [MLH] AFTER: Executing sequence: water for 30sec(8090)
  • [Water for 30sec] - Sequence init.
  • [Water for 30sec] - Sequence Executing: WritePin
  • Water turned ON
  • [Water for 30sec] - Sequence Executing: Wait

My connection to the site and is looking good without any disruptions:

CPU temperature: 47.2°C
All systems nominal. (code 31)

Can anybody investigate on the “BadStatusLine” issue?


Thank you for the report, we are looking into it. This is specifically an issue with Farmware that execute Sequences with long commands, so you should be able to execute Sequences (without Farmware) from the Sequences page or a Farm Event without error. If a Sequence is executed from either of those places, an error will activate an emergency stop. (As a workaround for now to make sure an error activates emergency stop, you could create a Sequence with a Run Farmware step to execute the Farmware experiencing problems.)

You are correct, when I execute the farmware direct, it fails without E-Stop. If I execute a sequence that calls Farmware, the robot e-stops correctly - but the same BadStatusLine happens. And yes, its during my watering sequence that takes about 90 seconds per plant and during the 90 seconds the BadSTatusLine is showing.


I suspect that this problem did not appear earlier. My watering sequence was always longer than 60 seconds and yet I remember it worked before.

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I’ve found a fix for this issue. Should have a fix out later today.

Sorry for the wait on this. I pushed a release that fixed this yesterday.

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