Leak in rubber hose to solenoid

The rubber hose connecter is leaking. I tried wrapping it in duct tape but the water sawed right through it. Its only been out in the yard a month or so. I could cut off the last 6 inches or so and just shorten it a tad?

@Shuza Yes, just cut the tube and shorten it past the leak. The tube is not indestructible and if someone steps on the tube it can develop weak points and start leaking.


I was constantly having problems with the hose breaking. There was too much water pressure from my faucet. A standard regulator wasn’t helping. I solved it with an adjustable pressure regulator. Haven’t had an issue since.

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That is heavy duty! Looks awesome. The metal spiral tube connects back to your hose? That looks why sturdier than what i have going on right now.

I don’t have the water pressure issues but my hose does leak at both attachments. Replaced the washers to no effect. So its more of a manual water system right now :pensive:

I didn’t think it was a water pressure issue on mine as I had a standard water regulator already installed. However my water lines kept breaking similar to yours. I used hose clamps to hold the hoses onto the connectors. Then the water line would pop or break in random places. It didn’t make sense. I came up with the adjustable water regulator from another Farmbot user that recommended it. This allowed me to adjust to the perfect water pressure and elminated any further problems with my water line. I came to realize the flexible water line needed for the Farmbot cannot handle ANY excess water pressure.
The hose I’m using is a short hose from amazon with metal casing (Overkill…I just thought it looked cool!).


Maybe you still need a pressure relief valve (similar to a hot water heater). When the sun hits the bulging hose there is surely an enormous overpressure.

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@socalrob Can you confirm that this is the model of valve that you used? Renator M11-0660R Regulator Lead Free Adjustable


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Yes, that is the exact one I used. Very easy to adjust! My pressure is regulated to about 18 - 19 psi, whereas standard inline hose regulators are typically set at 25 psi. That small difference in pressure was causing all my problems. I haven’t had a single issue since using this regulator.


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Heh, I also had to solve the binding at the end of the the cable guide.

Well looks like i will also be getting the pressure valve as the rubber hose sprouted another leak, spraying the yard for the last hour