Link to 3d parts

Is there a link to the 3d parts.Looking to build a small seeder on solidworks

It’s in the Bill of Materials.

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Of all CAD programs I only use Autodesk Inventor. Can anybody provide link to 3d assembly of all parts suitable for Inventor?

Link to Genesis V1.0 files and parts.

I know about that link, but that files is not made by Autodesk Inventor. Does anybody have files produce with Inventor?

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Sorry, as far as I know nobody has been produced files in Inventor. Are you able to import/Convert from Solidworks to Inventor?

In the long run we are transitioning to using OnShape, which will allow anyone to access and modify the files for free online.

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in that link it has a lot of files, but I don’t see anyway of getting 3D printable files from there without quite a bit of rummaging around in CAD files that I don’t know how to use, I’m fairly new to 3D design and don’t have access to the fancy programs like solidworks, or would even know how to convert said files to printable STL’s, I realize you guys are working on making the completed CAD files available and that the 3D printed parts are constantly going through revisions, but why is it so hard to find the current revisions of the base 3D printable part files?

nothing I’ve ever printed was 100% printable from the initial download, every printer has its strengths and weaknesses when it comes to how they print a part and they are always gonna require some kind of tweaking to get right on DIY machines. I feel like the printed parts are literally the hardest thing to source for this project, are you saying that they literally can’t be printed as they are now on hobbyist FDM printers? if they are however can you point me to where I can find the base part file to print in STL format?

Sorry, I thought it was fairly easy to find those files. Inside the main CAD folder is a sub-folder named “MANUFACTURING FILES (DXF and STL)”. In there you will find all of the .DXF files for the 2D plates and all of the .STLs for 3D printing. The 3D printable parts are specifically designed to be printed with hobby level FDM printers without the use of support material.

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Woot thank you so much for the prompt replay! I’m sorry I was a bit passionate when I wrote that so I hope you’ll forgive me. I had looked in that said folder but only saw that exact name in version 1.0 and it was empty I was able however to find the files in the version 0.4 folder under a similar name. So they are there I just needed to search better :P. sorry for the trouble.

I would not recommend using v0.4 files. You’re saying that the v1.0 manufacturing files subfolder is empty?? I can see all of the files. Here is the direct link to the subfolder:

It looks like this on my screen (when not logged in to a Google account) Does it look like that for you?

that so weird, I swear it wasn’t showing up for me before, but I’m glad it’s there now. thank you so much for looking into that for me. this is a big help thank so much :smiley:

@roryaronson Glad you chose to go with Onshape for the modeling! I’m already an onshape user and was having some issues trying to upload the assembly files. But I just checked and found your model. Looks like its still in process but this is great because I can add it to my green house model.

@toomer34 Like rory said you need to be logged out of any goggle account in order to see the files, I ran into this problem too.

@Doug Yea we just “jumped ship” on the Solidworks workflow a few days ago. Unfortunately Onshape imports don’t preserve design intention, so we’re having to rebuild all parts and assemblies from scratch. Because Onshape isn’t as powerful yet, we’ve also ran into some bugs and things that required workarounds. We’re hoping to have the full CAD workflow in Onshape within a few weeks!

I was wondering if you guys carry 3d parts compatible with google sketchup for the extrusion componenets?

How different are the 3D printed parts going to be in 1.1 from 1.0? I just received all the parts for the 1.0 build, but have not printed anything yet. I’m debating about waiting for 1.1. What are your thoughts Rory? Also, I was going to contribute a few part designs for things that are currently on the order list, but could also be 3D printed.

From what I can tell, Solidworks doesn’t directly provide any export formats compatible with Google Sketchup that keep design intention. If you just need the parts, you may be able to import STLs from the Google Drive folders linked to above. Have you tried ?

We are in the process of switching our modeling workflow to OnShape, as Rory has mentioned, which will allow anyone to access and modify the files for free online. It also looks like OnShape has a few export formats that may be compatible with Sketchup which you’ll be able to try.

Are there any available files that contain contain dimensioned 2D drawings of the 3D parts? I would like to use these files as a reference to help me easily view the design specifications and dimensions of each part.

I know that moving to onshape on-line services seems good but I still know a lot of people without stable or cheep internet connections.

I would suggest look at supporting blender. I know its not what people think of as a cad but it has the advantage of having a well maintained 3d printed object check tool and is about as cross platform as you get. Do note blenders Print Toolbox clean of features. Particularly the Isolated faces thing. They are not kidding when they say this can confuse different 3d printers software. So if you are sending STL or OBJ to a third party and there happens to be a isolated face in there you 3d print job might come back bad.

"We are in the process of switching our modeling workflow to OnShape, as Rory has mentioned, which will allow anyone to access and modify the files for free online."
This might be true but its also locking yourselves in if they decide to charge or go under. Do not think that OnShape will really let anyone modify the files with online there are still too many locations where internet is not stable enough to use web applications. So you still do need some local form of editing solution even if it not 100 percent perfect.

I would call having blender on the list as a back stop position of all else fails we have blender. Blender does have STL import and export and many other formats. So even including blender as a goof up finder can be a good thing.

So some cad to Blender checking STL to Slic3r can be a solid work-flow and still leave you in a location where you have a bail out plan if something happens with cad of choice. Blender can be used to make model corrections or models from scratch if you have to.

Slic3r and Blender do work well with each other solving different issues/showing you different issues.

I will give you moving to OnShape is a lot less restrictive than solidworks for having involvement but it is still restrictive in combination with blender would handle most use cases(ok not 100 percent perfectly). We do need a good open source cad badly for a lot of these open hardware projects.

The main “fallback” we’re using is standardized file formats such as .STL that people can use with any CAD product they want, as well as the coming-soon 2D drawings. With these resources one could reproduce parts or import them into virtually any modelling software.

@FuturistPlayground many parts are changing with 1.1 across the entire design of the device. Most of the changes are for better manufacturability of the device on our end (injection moldable parts, more metal components, etc). But if you already have 1.0 parts you should just stick with those because that design is good too, its just not the latest and greatest. And many part changes don’t really affect others (ie: they are not breaking changes) Another thing to consider is that we don’t anticipate releasing the CAD for 1.1 for another few weeks, and the documentation will not be done until a few months after that. But, 1.1 is our “release candidate” design, which we’re hoping to use to make the 350 FarmBot pre-orders in Batch 1 set to ship in February!

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hi just starting my custom bot at last. i have tried the google drive page that rory posted a link to but cura wont open the stl files. is there another link? cheers