Locales and units system

I just read the article posted in the Arduino-Bolg and really like the idea. While browsing the websites and wiki i started to wonder if and how locales are to be handled. I’m from Germany and am pretty sure that there are many people who would be interested in the project and transporting it here.

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I also am developing an Urban Farm Incubation/Innovation hub in Sacramento, California, USA and would be interested in prototype or beta models for demonstration. We have a 6-acre site that will be used in conjunction with the City in order to develop urban ag expertise within the community. I know there are hackers around that would love to get their hands dirty coding and growing. Look forward to hearing about your roll out plans.


Great question. Most (90%) of FarmBot hardware is designed and built using metric components. The FarmBot software uses a metric grid system by default, though we’ll also offer English units for Americans if they prefer. We haven’t yet internationalized any of the software’s text to support other languages, but we will when we get it to a stable enough point. And as far as changing how the plants are tended to based on the environment and soil conditions, that will mostly be up to the owner of the device! FarmBot is not designed to grow anything specific in specific ways - it is a platform that can be used to grow anything in any way the owner can imagine!