Log-in problem into the web app

Hello everyone,
It’s been a while since a don’t login into the web app (2 years). Now I’m trying with the user and password I saved but the web app tell me “bad email or password”. So, I also tried to recover the password; but now the error message says “That email address is not associated with an account”.

Do you probably have deleted the account for not have been used for long period ?

In the case I create a new account with the same email; will I recover all my web app data ?

Is it possible to recover the account ?

Thank you very much for the help

Automatic account deletion

Apologies, your account has been deleted and it is not recoverable.

As a matter of security, web app accounts that are not being used are subject to automatic deletion with the following process:

1) Checking for eligibility

  • If the account has never had a FarmBot connected to it, the account becomes eligible to be deleted 3 months after the last login.
  • If the account has had a FarmBot connected to it at least once, the account becomes eligible to be deleted 30 months after the last login.

2) Grace period Once the account becomes eligible for deletion, an email will be sent with the subject [ACTION REQUIRED] Your FarmBot account will be deleted due to inactivity unless you login. To halt the automatic deletion process, the user must login.

3) Deletion If the user does not login to their account within 14 days of the warning email, the account will be automatically deleted and cannot be recovered.

Set up a new account

If your FarmBot account has been deleted, just sign up for a new account.

GO TO :point_right: https://my.farm.bot/

Create an account :white_check_mark:, Re-flash your SD card and re-configure the your FarmBot.

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