Logical plant to sequence mapping

I’m not sure about my understanding of logical mapping of sequences and plants.

So, I place a carrot_1 on farm design. Later I create sequence seed_carrot_1 and watering_carrot_1. Then regimen_carrot_1, that will have seed_carrot_1 followed by recurrent water_carrot_1 events.

If I place 25 carrots (in 5 by 5 grid, for example.), I have to create 25 seed and watering sequences (with plant coordinates) in 25 regimens?

Or threat all 25 plants in one seeding sequence and one watering sequence?

I think, both will work, but isn’t that too much mouse work?

Before I started poking around a real thing, I expected it to work like:

  • place a plant.
  • create a regimen
  • create sequences
  • assign sequences to regimen
  • assign a regimen to plant.

and inherit plat coordinates all the way down to assigned sequence.

I think, both will work, but isn’t that too much mouse work?

Yes, way too much. I can see in an educational setting that might be fun (and educational), but in terms of getting plants watered it’s just plain daft.

What I did was re-wrote the web application running on the RPi, so I tell the program what plants are where, the program looks up the watering requirements for each plant (based on its type e.g. carrot), and works out an optimised series of movements to water the plants (including watering by rows etc.). That to me is a good use of the computer, saves me having to write 150 odd repetitive sequences and setting up regimens!

As for your dilemma, I think you need to decide whether you’re dealing with individual plants (then do individual sequences), or a crop ((then do combined watering as a sequence).


Huh, OK. Looks like you have more automated setup than stock farmbot. Also, looking at your farmbot pictures, and some forum posts, different even on hardware side. Anything you may consider shareable? Or some publicly available parts of your work?

For bootstrap process, it will do. In a long term, maybe I will do at least import/export and compile sequences from outside system.

Hey, @Loveny. You said that you re-wrote the RPi to water and plant automatically? How did you do such a thing? Is it possible to do on the latest version of Farmbot? I would like to automate my Farmbot since I’m making the Farmbot for someone else and want to make it as easy as possible for them to run it without having to make them enter each plant coordinate one by one.

Hi @Razr39325, I’m a software/electronics engineer so writing software is my trade. So easy for me to write a program on the RPi to do specifically what I wanted it to do, and as mentioned elsewhere I redesigned some of the hardware too. There’s little point in me sharing what I did, Farmbot is leading the charge and you’ll want to follow what they’re doing, it’s starting to look very impressive now.

@ksyz @Razr39325 As a slight update to this thread, we are currently working on the ability to use variables in the sequence editor, which will solve the repetition issue noted.

As an example, you could write a sequence that takes a parameter, and then have a FarmEvent perform that sequence once for each plant (similare to how .map() or for each works in many mainstream programming languages).

We are working on that feature this week and hope to ship this in one of the next releases.

Note for developers: If you urgently neeed this feature, it is possible to work around the issue by manually writing CeleryScript and uploading it to the REST API. Another option would be to write a custom Farmware.

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Thanks for the replies guys. Will be waiting on that next release.