Logitech USB camera instead of borescope camera

What must be changed in order to use a Logitech camera instead of the borescope camera? Asked differently, is new programming required to use a different USB camera or should the Farmbot interface accommodate the new camera?

If anyone has successfully used a different USB camera, it would be great to hear how it was done.

I bought myself this easy and cheap USB camera.
Then I had to
-print a new mount with my 3d printer
-extend the USB cable (cable was only 143cm)
-plug it in raspberry pi
-adjust the focus
->then just use it like the borescope.

So you don’t need to change anything software wise.

Thanks for the response. In the same way, I hooked up a Logitech USB camera, selected USB for the camera source (as opposed to Raspberry camera) and attempted to take photos through the Farmbot interface. The system indicated it took pictures but only a black screen for a photo. Did not have any issues when using the borescope camera.

Assuming you used your webcam through the Farmbot interface, how did you adjust the focus? Any suggestions you might have would be appreciated.

Yes, I am using the camera through the Farmbot interface to take photos, weed detection and so on. On the camera I bought, the focus can be adjusted by rotating the lens on the front.

We had this before but I can’t remember what fixed it. Maybe you could try to reboot or plug the camera in another USB port.