Looking for a rugged Arduino / xbee container / and parts


I am looking for a rugged Xbee / Arduino container that offers all the aspects of Arduino / xbee connectivity. I have been using breadboards and kits, " Yourduino.com basic starter set ", but find them not rugged enough for my garden, greenhouse, outdoor furnace, and outdoor garden. Among getting reports from the switches and analog devices, I am measuring outside, inside, and soil temp. I am measuring ph. I am turning on / off fans and water valves.

Along with my order of a Farmbot, this will be used at the jr. hi. level in a public school




Hi Al,

Unfortunately I can’t point you in too many directions here. We order cases from http://mcmaster.com, and Arduinos from http://www.sainsmart.com/. I haven’t worked with xbees. If you make any progress, please do post here so that others may learn!




We’ll have PCBs available with a Mega chip; surface and/or pin mount XBee; GPS; 4 x Analog in, 3 x TTL (debug, program, TTL Camera interface); 8 Amp relay; and solar charge circuit.

They are for use in our farm based remote sensing solution and come with an enclosure if required, - we’d be happy to look at white labelling them.

See http://agsense.co.nz