Looking to buy a used/new Genesis - for Reef restoration

Hi Farmbot community!

I’m part of a team working on coral farming for reef restoration (super important to figure out for ocean health), and we are interested in using a Farmbot Genesis for our positioning system.

We are on a fairly short timeline and Farmbot is sold out of Genesis systems until the 1.6 stuff arrives August / September, so I was curious if anyone here might have a system they would be willing to sell (perhaps to make room for the new Genesis?).

We are based in the Bay Area, but willing to drive or get creative if need be.

Thanks so much!


This is awesome! My other hobby is keep a reef tank so this is awesome see my two hobbies colliding :slight_smile:


Thanks! I also am a marine aquarist, so I’m definitely enjoying working at the intersection of robots and reefs for a good cause :slight_smile:

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I’m curious how you plan the use the Genesis as a positioning system. Are you going to build a tool or something? I would sell you my FarmBot (and then upgrade of course), but it’s located in Rhode Island and I can’t imagine it would cost effective to do that.

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I have a room full of bots that were used for testing (some indoors, some outdoors). Most of them have random prototype parts Frankensteined onto them and/or are missing parts here and there. It’s a mix of Genesis and Express systems. Nothing is really sellable but it might be perfect for someone in the area willing to cobble together something semi-custom. (I’m in San Luis Obispo)

I’d be happy to rummage through with you to put together a package for the cost of lunch and to hear more about your project! :wink: Might be fun to do a little colab video too? Send me a DM if you’re interested!


I’m near Seattle WA . . if none of your other options pan out and you have an idea for transport then let me know. I hadn’t planned on buying a newer model but I’m here mostly for the technology so I’m open to the idea of selling.

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Sorry about the slow reply, I hadn’t seen any more replies come in and just saw this when I manually checked the thread now!

And yes, we are exploring automation of a number of husbandry tasks that are currently performed manually now like inspection for checking overall health, growth, and presence of pests like macroalgae. This will also likely eventually include manipulation and material handling to move coral around.

And thank you, I appreciate the offer! Hopefully we will figure out something that would be less shipping intensive, but I’ll PM you if your machine ends up being our best option! :smiley:

Wonderful, thanks for your offer! One of our team is up your direction so I’ll let you know if that would work best for us :smiley:
It would be a bit of a drive back down here but not insurmountable!

Hi @roryaronson

Thank you for your reply, and I definitely would appreciate that! Our delivery deadline has been pushed back a tad so that might work with your Genesis shipping timeline, but getting stuff sooner would be a big help for us!

And great, I’d love to take you up on that offer! As it turns out I’m actually visiting SLO right now for a friend’s birthday and could push back to leaving tomorrow if grabbing breakfast or lunch Monday might work for you! :slight_smile: Doing a video collaboration sounds great as well.

Looks like I haven’t unlocked PM privileges yet, so I’ll just hope you get a notification for mentioning your username here.

Thanks again!


Sent you an email :slight_smile:

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