Loop / Repeat Sequence

I propose adding a REPEAT field to the Execute Sequence block so that sequences can be looped.

Looping, as you know, is core principal in programming and I think that this feature would be useful in many situations.

I imagine the block would default to 1 in the Repeat number field.

Why would you repeat the exact same sequence over and over?

One thing I remember about gardening is that when growing from seed, you want to 2 or 3 seeds in the same spot as there is no guarantee that every seed will germinate. So in the example I created, it shows the planting of a seed repeated 3 times. This would also decrease the possibility of no seed being planted when the sequence isn’t monitored closely.

Another reason for repeating is that if you have a sequence of relative moves, you could repeat that sequence and cover the entire bed. Lets say you want to water the entire bed, you run a sequence that picks up the water tool and moves to the start position and turns the water on. Then you would repeat a sequence of relative moves that moves the length of the X axis, move the Y axis over some amount, move back the length of the X axis, and move Y axis some amount; making a serpentine like path across the entire bed.

Another reason would be for weeding. It would seem that stomping down on a weed location wouldn’t be successful on the first try, so taking multiple stabs might better ensure success. This coupled with another request I made for Random Move Relative would greatly reduce sequence blocks.

Loop functionality is available via the groups feature.