Lost all configuration after lua-call

Hi community, farmbot admins,

After I was trying to update the mounted_tool_id using lua code, something like:
update_device({ mounted_tool_id: tool.id })
I was expecting it to do a patch, and only update this variable. I guess my full config is gone, including plants, tools, sequences etc. Or at least, it got unlinked from my account. Is there any way this can be reconnected to my account?

Maybe it is possible to look up my correct farmbot_id corresponding to my order and link that one to my account?

Kind regards, Klaasjan

I reconfigured the farmbot to a new account and reconfigured it.
Nevertheless would it be great to gain access to my data on the old configuration to get all the sequences etc etc from the rest endpoint. Is this possible?

“device_id”: 25937

Example soil-height info measured before:
“id”: 1264094,
“created_at”: “2024-04-22T12:06:22.273Z”,
“updated_at”: “2024-04-22T12:06:22.273Z”,
“device_id”: 25937,
“name”: “Soil Height”,
“pointer_type”: “GenericPointer”,
“meta”: {
“color”: “gray”,
“created_by”: “measure-soil-height”,
“at_soil_level”: “true”
“x”: 1034.2,
“y”: 310.4,
“z”: -605.0,
“radius”: 0.0,
“discarded_at”: null

Hi @voortwis

The FarmBot Inc. Mount Tool featured sequence has this code

        update_device({mounted_tool_id = slot.tool_id})

It is possible that your code accidentally updated the Device ID for your bot ! I’m not willing to try to reproduce this on my machine :open_mouth:

The Web API uses only a token to authenticate, so If you saved a copy of a recent valid token for your original FarmBot Account you could use API requests to fetch all your Sequences, etc. ( if those resources were not deleted ).

You should promptly email contact@farm.bot to seek help.

Hi @jsimmonds, thnx for the reply. Yes pretty sure I just called the /device with only the mounted_tool_id.

I sent an email to hopefully get my sequences back. Otherwise I will start recreate them the next week. Was espcially happy with the weeder I build, move down, sense for a load > 70, move 10mm up, mow and store the ‘detected’ soil height @ the weed.z (for later use). Luckily :grimacing: we have so many slugs and snails that most plants are already eaten, so got to start over.

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