Lubricant for Leadscrew/Sealant for Motor Housing


When we try to bring the leadscrew up via the farmbot webapp it makes a sound like a grinding metal on metal situation with the flex coupling. Would adding a lubricant help that to not make that sound? Would it help to make the movement easier? What kind of lubricant is recommended?

Also, would it help our farmbot to add a sealant for the motor housing, just to ensure that water can’t get to the motor? Is there a recommended type of sealant?


You might try ensuring that the motor shaft and the leadscrew are not touching end-to-end inside the flex coupling. When they are touching, this can allow vibrations to transfer more easily and create additional noise.

I don’t have any recommendations for a sealant and do not think it is necessary unless perhaps you live in a very humid environment.


Yes, we live in a very humid climate. It rains almost everyday. It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea for us to try a sealant.


Greetings from Statesboro ga, I have also found that the lead screw to be noisy and worried about friction. I have used a DRY chain lubrication that can be found at a motorcycle store. This dry lube will not attract dust, dirt, or debri as regular wet lubricants do (i.e. gear grease, DW 40, etc). The dry lube is a little more expensive but worth it in the long run. So far it helps…