M3*10mm screws too short for cross-slide motor on 1.3

"Use four M3 x 10mm screws to attach the stepper motor and motor housing to the cross-slide plate."
I’m finally building our farmbot 1.3 and I’m at the point of putting together the cross-slide plate. I’m having a devil of a time trying to get the M310s to actually grip into the motor itself if I put it through the cross-slide plate and the motor housing like the instructions say. They go just fine into the motor by itself, or even the motor and the motor housing, but when I try to put them through the faceplate, too, it’s a no-go and they just spin freely, like they can’t find purchase within the motor’s pre-drilled screw holes. Has anybody else had issues with this or have any tips on how to overcome any user errors if that’s what it is? Are there any slightly longer screws (M312 mm, for instance?) that I should be using there? I managed to get 2 of them t thread, but JUST barely and with the first sign of stress, they popped right out again. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

We can send you a free pack of M3 x 12mm screws to facilitate you mounting your motors. Can you just email support@farmbot.io with your mailing address?