Mailing logs improvement


I see you implemented mailing logs! This is a great feature. Thank you!

It would be enormously helpful if you add a timestamp for every log message. Currently I having difficulties to understand:

  • when log email is sent
  • when particular events in the log happened

Can you send pending logs if bot is 10min idle? That would give user a summary what happened during the last “session”

We’re glad you like it!

when particular events in the log happened

This is a pretty easy one and I can put it into the next release (no release date yet).

I have added the other requests to the backlog, but can’t give any estimates on when we will have time to implement.

Might it be better to support a template for emailed logs @RickCarlino? The log resource has a ton of information built into it, and it seems users may want their info to be presented differently.

I sort of like this idea, but i also have some questions about it. I think it may be a bit of an overload for Farmbot Web services to dispatch that many emails. Each log has a timestamp, message, bot position etc right now.

There was another feature request that i think is still on the stack of a more useful “event” publishing system. So rather than the human digestible logs, it would be more of pragmatic computer consumable system. I haven’t really had time to explore this issue but that seems kind of more than what your looking for here.

So rather than the human digestible logs, it would be more of pragmatic computer consumable system.

My proposal was to generate a “receipt” in email for any meaningful “session” that I performed with the bot. This receipt is for me (not a computer) to keep.

As you know I am experiencing problems with farm events not being fired. So my typical question is - “did the bot water today”? Until recently there was no way to figure it out because logs are gone very quickly (especially if the bot is rebooted). With the log digest in email it became easier but still I have to guess the timestamps. If you implement the “receipt” idea - I would only need to look for emails from my bot sent around 9pm (the time of watering) to see if there were any problems. With the email I can do it pretty much anywhere, even if I don’t have a good connection or access to a computer.

Thank you,

Just thought about something: If you give me a possibility to send pending logs from a sequence - this will make my day. I simply insert it as a last command to my watering sequence!

Unfortunately Farmbot has no concept of “pending” logs. It sends all logs in real time, and the Farmbot Web Service processes them and emails them to you later on.

… but you probably know what is the last line you’ve sent? Even if not - just send all what you have, if you implement something like this - it solves my problem

As of right now, Farmbot acts in a “fire and forget” pattern. So Farmbot’s logs are not actually stored/cached locally on the bot itself, they are stored in our database. (There is a bug in this system mentioned above). The email digest you receive is not from the bot itself, but form the web app. ( It constantly scrolls thru the database looking for email jobs that need to be completed and dispatches them in a queue system if i remember correctly. We do have a special option for the email on emergency lock feature, that dispatches an email immediately, but i believe it only works for one message, not a digest of messages.

@RickCarlino am i correct on how the logs are dispatched here?

I’m convinced to build and run my own server when i build my FB next year!