Make it more reliable / user-friendly for the outdoor usage by non technical customers

Here are some ideas for making the farmbot more user-friendly for non-technical customers:
I’ve reading a long time in this forum and own a farmbot. In my opinion this project needs to be more user-friendly to widen the customer-target. Thats the reason why i think the farmbot needs a more sophisticated (auto-)calibration process with the following features:

  • laser-measurement of all axises of the farmbot (would start with xy-axis)
  • an “auto-loosing/tighten belts”-algorithem which try to tighten/loose the belts for the best solution
  • an cleaning-solution for x-y-axis with high-pressure air/water (have discovered that bugs, flies and gnats love to land on the metal and black belts cause it’s heating in the summer evening)