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Hello All, I am Arizona. FarmBot sounds incredible and I would like to know how much it would cost to purchase a Farmbot complete and ready for use for a family cabin for four adults.

Can anyone advise me on the best way to purchase and ship a complete FarmBot to Arizona United States?

You can pre-order a complete kit that is 1.5x3m in growing area for $3,100 here:


I’m completely new to all of this but I was wondering if someone has made (or will) or could be of any assistance with an attachment to plant cloves, specifically garlic cloves?

Or even if an attachment could be used to make holes and then cloves planted manually?

Any help or direction would be appreciated.


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Hi there, Location SE QLD AUSTRALIA - am interested in building my own FarmBot (i have permission from the wife… lol), please reply to me if you have ability to manufacture parts in AU, or Sell parts in Australia…,
i can supply Rpi and Ramps/Mega combo, and am chasing up the NEMA 17s with encoders at the moment, but will have to buy in quantity which i am prepared to do if i have enough support from the community here in AU. I have a Laser Cutter but its not big enough for aluminium.
In short … if you can supply in AU (or to AU at a decent price)…
extrusions, plates, bearings or any other hardware… please reply. :wink:
what a great project…
thank you in advance, Levi

Hello everyone,
Ive came across this great project and want to give it a go.
I’m based in Belgium and was wondering if anyone knows a company in Belgium (or neighbouring countries) that can cut the aluminium plates and deliver to here.
Hope someone can help point me in right direction :smiley:

I printed out my first farmbot part. This is the universal tool mount. I printed it using eSun PETG filament on my monoprice maker select with a micro-swiss all metal hotend. I am kind of kicking myself though as I printed 2 layers of raft which merged with the print, which is why the labeling on the holes is very faint looking. Definitely not bad for my second non-test print on my Christmas gift :slight_smile:

EDIT: I printed this with 20% infill and it feels almost indestructible. I am LOVING PETG, although I am still working on getting rid of a tiny bit of micro-stringing.

They seem to sell them here:

Does anyone have an update on european suppliers of NEMA 17 motors and encoders? right now I’m waiting for the chinese holidays to be over at the 7th of february. I got in touch with someone who says he can supply it as a package deal.

Still it would be nice to know of a supplier with motors tested with a working farmbot.

Привет всем.я из Украины.собираю FarmBot. рад попасть в ваше сообщество.помогите с настройкой

Hi all,

We are located in Southern China and I have access to lot of parts at a really competitive price.
We finalized our Farmbot and you can have a look on our website:

Let us know if you are interested.

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Two questions

  1. is anyone currently working on or making modifications for farmbot to work with aquaponics?
  2. is anyone currently working on harvesting hardware and software?
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Hey Guys,

Here is a listing on Ebay for all the FarmBot 3d printed parts. Let me know if you want a different color.(White,Black,Green,Blue,Yellow,Red,Gray) <— in stock. Thanks!

  • Nick

Привет, я тоже с Украины , давай обьеденим усилия

Hi All,
I would like to fabricate the 3D Design components of farmbot, but I find that the if we choose the design material as Nylon the fabrication charges are high, can I get away ABS or PLA Material with 100% material usage .


I use ABS and it works great. I wouldn’t recommend PLA because it’s biodegradable. It will just break down in the weather. Also, ASA is a better choice over ABS but it’s more expensive.

Thanks @happilymarrieddad for the info, ABS seems like the most cost effective one, I had downloaded the STL files from the wiki which had the following name (MANUFACTURING FILES (DXF AND STL)-20161016T103252Z), is there any changes or is it the final one?, I have opened individually design parts in STL viewer just to make a normal build with ABS for parts which doesnot not need ruggedness, just wanted to make sure.


Here’s an international 3D printed parts listing on Ebay. Thanks!


My name is Aleksandar Stojkoski from Macedonia, Europe,
I am interesting to order your robots FarmBot, and to sell in my country Macedonia and in regional countries in south of Europe, as complete set with my high poly-carbonate Greenhouses, which I install them in complex of Permaculture farms
I am interesting to install 3 FarmBot robots in 1 Greenhouse with dimensions 8m width x 30m Long x 3.3m H,
My question is can we use 1 farmbot robot for growing bed with dimensions 1.5m W x 30m Long ? or space is limited only to 3m Long ?

Best Regards,
Aleksandar Srojkoski

Hi Alexander,

The current kits cover an area that is 1.5m wide and 3m long. You are welcome to expand the area with additional tracks and other components, though you will need to source those extra parts yourself and work through any problems that may arise. As far as I know, nobody has built a larger FarmBot yet and shared the results.

Can we order farmbot now?Is there a mini version of farmbot, what is the size?