Manufacturing/Selling Parts

Some people have mentioned the desire to manufacture their own parts (3D prints and plates) and sell them to local FarmBot builders. Here is a thread to discuss and share who is making what, and who needs what! Feel free to take this thread in any direction.


Hi all UK FarmBot DIYers, I’ve been speaking to a Waterjet cutter contact and am getting prices together for an order for myself and a few friends. I will be putting together kits of the Alu plates and FDM printed parts - everything else can be bought from Ooznest (UK based Openbuilds reseller), Sainsmart and Amazon. Is there anyone out there that would be interested?

@bendunham oh nice, I hadn’t heard of Ooznest. A bunch of people ask me about buying parts from Europe. In the next version of the docs I’ll post that link for Euro-builders. cut my 5mm aluminium plates. They are based fairly centrally in the UK and did a great job, delivered within a week. £120+VAT.

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Hi all Pacific NW DIYers. I have a small machine shop in the Seattle WA area. I would be interested in helping any of you with any of the Aluminum plates or any other parts you would want machined. I am starting to gather materials and making some of the parts to begin making my own Farmbot. I have also found some friends who also want to build one. If I get some interest from this group I will make some extra parts to sell. Thank you for your consideration.


Hi Ben,
I am very new to this, great to see such a great group of people on this forum.
I am currently in Pakistan but will be moving to the UK soon (Lincolnshire specifically). I am currently checking on costing for me here in Pakistan with a plan to ship everything to the UK, if you could give me a breakdown on how much everything is costing you it will give me a better idea of what is worth shipping. I could potentially also them those parts on to you too.
I expect the aluminium jobs will be cheaper here, parts from chinese manufacturers are cheap to ship to Pakistan and local taxes are lower than EU/UK taxes, i don’t expect those to hit you if im only sending you a small lot of things.


Hi there…!!:slight_smile: Here is a nice group of people, where we can share experiences… :slight_smile:
Asim, it is nice question… Also want know the cost of FarmBot. :slight_smile:

I live in the Seattle area, an would be interested!

Hey Asim, sounds interesting! I’m printing the plastic parts myself on a Flashforge Creator Pro… should be about £20-30 in ABS I reckon once complete. The Aluminium as above is around £140 inc delivery (would be very interested to know if this can be reduced, I didn’t research very much in this area).

Other than that, I’ve found a UK supplier of bipolar Nema 17 motors plus rotary encoders: (£27) (£18)

The extrusions are around £100 at store prices, and it’s going to be around £80 in machine screws. The other big expense is the bearings and wheels (around £150 from Ooznest for the wheel+bearing kits). I’m exploring AliExpress options for assembling the parts for these…

I live in Eastern, WA and would love to help!

Thanks for sharing this information.


Sorry about the late reply, I ran out of funds for the project but I have been able to collect all the links I need for parts from Aliexpress. I have now moved to the UK (Boston, lincolnshire) but I am planning on ordering parts to Pakistan mid to end November and then asking someone to forward them to me in the UK.
If you give me your email address I can share the table ive made on google drive. If you’re interested in ordering the parts with me from those links and getting them forwarded to the UK let me know.


I’m in Florida, but would love to hear what you can offer for machining the needed parts. I’m trying to make mine longer and wider, so I expect I’d need more than the usual.

Hi Asim,

If you can share a link to your table that would be great! I already did order some parts but I am still hunting for stepper motors and encoders. The ones I found on Alibaba are quite expensive.


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Ben, I noticed that the model you are about to use (42STH38-1684B) has a holding torque of 3.6 kg/cm. In another post Rory said they are using (1704HS168A) which has a holding torque of 5.5Kg/cm (76 oz-in)

The one you chose has lower holding torque. Do you think that this can cause troubles?

Sorry, that does make more sense. It is very rudimentary, any and all suggestions are welcome, here it is:

Hi, Bendunham

I really enjoy the Farmbot project.
For the moment I’m in feasibility study to make my own.
I live in France then I’m really interested by an European water jet company.

I would like to ask for a quote from
Can you share your order number or the technical file you gave them ?

Thanks so much.

We will be manufacturing the plates and 3D prints out of southeastern Kansas.

Hi All,
I’m in Western Colorado. I will be cutting plates and doing 3d prints. I can also help with acquiring other parts if local builders are having a hard time finding them, as well as provide some tech/build support for DIYers. I can even do a full build for someone that just wants to enjoy the benefits of having the FarmBot without having to build it on their own.

Dear Asim ,

We are manufacturers of Aluminium V Slot Extrusions , We are located In India ( Bangalore ).

Let me Know if i can be any help .

Thank you.