Marketing vs Information exchange

Hoi all,

I found that communication via facebook posts and E-Mails increased. I noticed that not the (technical) information increased but rather the advertising content. I would like to express that I dislike this evolution and would be happy if more content could be shared than advertisement. If it continues like this I will withdraw from the newsletter and from the facebook channel.

Happy to discuss.

We just announced new products and a 1-month long crowdfunding sale which is why we are doing a big marketing push right now. It is crucial for us to drum up as many sales as we can during these launch campaigns because they are what fund the manufacturing runs and further development. We did the same thing in July of 2016 and December of 2017.

In addition to the more advertising-focused content, we’ve also announced a lot of new technical content this month: new software video series, FBOS v8 beta and variables, information about the new products, content that educates people about FarmBot more generally, etc.

If our mix of content is no longer interesting to you, definitely unsubscribe/unfollow! No hard feelings; I get it - we all have limited bandwidth :wink:

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Hi Rory, I 100% support this advertising because without increased and ongoing revenue into your company, it would cease to exist. Because we all know great ideas are useless without capital.

Klimbim, Giving you opinion is valid, but throwing an ultimatum about leaving is a bit over the top.

Have a good day.