Maximum allowable water pressure from mains

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does anybody know what the maximum allowable water pressure on the garden hose to barb adapter is?

For one reason or another, my tube came loose this afternoon. After cleaning up the mess and reconnecting the tube, I noticed that when the valve gets activated, there’s actually quite some movement in this ‘garden hose to barb adapter’, and now I’m wondering whether excess pressure may be causing this.

I bought some hose clamps to make sure that this will not happen again.
Screenshot 2021-06-21 at 21.32.35

Sorry about the mess that made. Adding hose clamps should definitely mitigate the tube popping off again.

For reference, the tube should stay on the barbed adapter under normal municipal water pressures (usually a maximum of 100psi), though several factors could increase the likelihood of it popping off including higher than normal water pressures, a hot day that will slightly soften the silicon tubing, prior damage to any part that could have occured from freezing water, not pressing the tube all the way onto the adapter.

hose clamps fitted and problem (hopefully :wink: solved …

I had this problem and purchased a pressure reducing valve on Amazon for about $30. I reduce the pressure to 20 PSI and I have no issue since. I also use hose clamps as well.

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