Maximum current draw from FB to power a laser weeder

I am considering having a play with making a laser weeder, but I don’t know how much current I can draw from the UTM. It appears that 24 V is available on pins E and H, but I cannot see how much current can be safely draw.

Is there somewhere, where I can get this information?

Probably one for Rory to confirm, but I start with the Farmduino schematic . . see what current each Peripheral power MOSFET can handle, check the common wire Fuse value, etc.

Answer is it’ll depend on total max concurrent load added on the other peripherals.

There are other discussions in this forum about this and worth searching for.
I think the PCB trace size limits the continuous Imax.

As I see it, there are four factors
1 - Power supply
3 - Tracks on the PCB
4 - Total load across all outputs

I think the primary factors is 2 and especially 3 but you have to consider 1 & 4.

Last time I checked, each Power MOSFET could blow the common 24V fuse :slight_smile:

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