May 17, 2022 Software Update

Hi all,

Today we have a small update deployed to

Setup wizard improvements

To help our newest customers set up their Genesis and Genesis XL v1.6 kits, we’ve made some improvements and additions to the setup wizard:

  • Steps for finding the home position have been improved to fit better within the flow of the entire setup process, and teach users how to home individual axes.
  • Added an axis length section that helps users configure the length of each axis and turn on DYNAMIC MAP SIZE.
  • Added steps to check the new Rotary Tool’s functionality (tool verification, forward, and reverse).
  • Added a pin bindings step to bind Button 5 (Genesis kits only) to a new Find Home sequence that is automatically added to all new accounts.
  • Added a boot sequence step with instructions to set the BOOT SEQUENCE to the new Find Home sequence.


  • Combined the Pin Bindings BINDING and TARGET dropdowns into one dropdown for easier selection of either an Action or a Sequence.
  • Reversed the order of kits on the OS download page so the most recent kit is shown first.

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