Meal recipe planner

One of the main failure scenarios happening in my veggy garden is … ME.
More specifically, me failing to eat them…

In the beginning of the season I buy seeds for a crop that sounds cool, I plant a bunch and watch them grow. Loving that part!
But often, if they make it to graduation day, I forgot all the exciting recipees I had in mind, I’m overloaded with uncompatible crops and some of that food skips the kitchen and retires to compost right on the field.

Basically I’m looking for a place to store those great meal idea’s at the time of seed ordering. During the harvest timeslot, I’d have an option list where I can drag the meal and drop it to a day in my google calendar where I have some time to cook.
Idealy, it would add missing ingredients to a grocery list.

Such a system souds quit complicatated and is probably out of farmbot’s scope. I’m thinking of grabbing a spreadsheet and start to log what I’m doing. Next winter, I’d have a unstructured database of actions. Then I could organise and link those actions.

Does anyone here already use some kind of meal planner? There’s too much information on the web…