Measuring soil height - Tool vs software

I have played around with the camera based soil height detection and from my results it mostly works. I is very clever and I take my hat off to the person who came up with it as it is very clever.

My issue is I am trying to get a seed at a specific depth (say 25 mm) which requires accurate measurement of the soil height and unless I spend effort in leveling, it is always approximate. I am finding the undulation of the soil mean sometime there can up to 2 cm of difference between the calculated height and the real height due to the various variences.

Has anyone developed a tool that has a microswitch in it to accurate test to find the soil or maybe the answer is to wet it then use the moister detector to make that measurement.

In my thinking a plant placement would

  1. Accurately measure the soil at the exact location of the seed
  2. Open a hole (to prevent the see falling off the needle as do lettuce seeds)
  3. Place the seed with the needle
  4. Close the hole
  5. Water the seed.

Has anyone come up with this or better?

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