Measuring soil moisture

Hi there, I am setting my soil moisture sensor and according to your manual “the soil moisture sensor will provide a reading of about 250 in dry soil (or no soil), and about 850 in very wet soil (or water)”. My actual reading at this moment is 1001. Is it possible to get readings above 850 as stated in the manual? BTW it rained all night and the soil is very wet. But still I am not sure if this is right. Thanks!

While it is possible to get readings above 850, a reading around or above 1000 is probably not valid.

If you removed the tool from the UTM and tried to take a reading with nothing attached, you would also see a value around or above 1000, so my guess is that your tool is not fully electrically connecting with the UTM.

I suggest you double check the wiring of the tool, ensure the pogo pins in the UTM are making contact with the top of the tool, and double check that your soil sensor peripheral is reading the correct pin (as set up in the web app).

Thanks for your fast repply. Rg Cristian

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