Microstepping missing in settings

The web app was upgraded recently. I can’t find the microstepping setting without using the search feature. It’s missing from the Motors section.

When searching for the setting, I can still change the values for microstepping but these errors get logged:

Error writing firmware parameter: movement_microsteps_z: “timeout waiting for request to complete: {“59”, {:parameter_read, [:movement_microsteps_z]}}”
Error writing firmware parameter: movement_microsteps_y: “timeout waiting for request to complete: {“56”, {:parameter_read, [:movement_microsteps_y]}}”
Error writing firmware parameter: movement_microsteps_x: “timeout waiting for request to complete: {“43”, {:parameter_read, [:movement_microsteps_x]}}”

@mdingena Microstepping was hidden from the main UI because most users were setting it to unusual values that were causing device breakages and support requests. I can take a look at the firmware side of things on Monday.


Just to confirm, are you saying that despite seeing the error message, your device is operating properly? Are there any externally noticeable problems with your device currently?

Currently no externally noticeable problems. But I don’t know exactly what normal looks like since this is my first time operating the bot for real rather than attic tests.

I think the microstep settings got applied even though they errored out in the logs.

Is hiding settings the best solution for the problem you’re facing? Many settings have helpful tooltips to educate the user (I’ve found them very helpful). If that is not enough, consider having an “unlock step” for power users to make it clear that the user is about to enable settings customisation that should be avoided unless you know what you are doing.

By hiding these settings, you make me wonder which other hidden settings are out there that I would like to explore…

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In this case, I would say so. Although FarmBot was initially adopted by very technical users, our end-goal is to create a technology that everyone can use, not just advanced users. We’re still working towards this goal, and we’re not done. With that being said, making a product user-friendly means not overwhelming users with an endless sea of configuration options.

If you are a gardener with no CNC experience or an elementary teacher that just wants to grow some carrots, you have absolutely no need to fiddle with micro-stepping. Microstepping can make movements a little smoother and quieter, but it can also make the device inoperable and confuse the user during a setup.

As you have seen, we did not remove the feature entirely, we merely moved it to a place where it would not overwhelm less advanced users.

This is an open-source project. Everything is discoverable if you look in the right places (the source code is available for review on Github).

Here’s how you enable “advanced settings”: