Minimal hardware for OS installation on RPi3?

I managed to install the farmbot latest edition farmbot-rpi-3.0.8 on a micro SD card using Etcher and the image was burnt succesfully. I wanted to test the installation through the raspberry Pi 3 so I plugged it directly to its micro USB port into a USB 2.1A charger. The board lights up and has a solid red LED on but the WIFI network that is supposed to show up in order to set up the OS configuration is not present.

Was wondering if I need to connect the whole Arduino / buck converter etc for the RPi3 to have the WIFI responsive or should a 2.1A 5V direct power suffice (and in that case something else is wrong such as the RPi3 board or the software)? Thanx!

Hmm. No green lights? if you dont have any green lights that means the image didnt get flashed properly most likely. You downloaded the .img file right?

Looks like problem was solved.
I uploaded the image file incorrect for the Raspberry Pi -THREE (perhaps it would be better to give the files a more clear name to correspond with the different hardware versions). THANX!

Happy it was solved! Unfortunately the name scheme for the images is pretty strict to support over the air updates for all the devices. But we can put a easier to read link for each device in the readme. Thanks for the feedback

I am experiencing the same problem .Can u please tell me which version did u install

I installed the version that corresponds with my Raspberry Pi 3 - hence the one called RP3. Hope that helps!