Missing M3 x 12mm screws?

Just received Genesis 1.6 kits and started assembling. Then I got to realize I’m missing two M3 x 12mm screws for finishing mounting motors. Each motor requires 4 screws and there are four motors, but what I received was a pack of 14 pieces of M3 x 12mm screws. Did I miss something?

They are an inexpensive screw to buy, and if you can’t get them locally, I’m sure Farmbot will send you some extra ones. No you didn’t miss anything, each motor is designed to have 4 screws. Having said that, you should be ok to proceed and just pick an easily accessible motor and fix it with 2 x screws in a diagonal layout, temporarily of course, you can add 2 more screws later.


David Maher


Please reach out to us by email with your original order number and we can provide you with some free replacement parts.


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