Mobile Raised Bed Drainage

Hello. I am assembling the mobile raised bed based on the plans found on this site. I noticed the bottom design is solid wood and there is no mention of drainage. I plan to drill holes in the solid bottom before lining it to allow drainage. But have others come up with better improvements or other designs on the mobile raised bed design? Thanks!

Do you have a link to the mobile raised bed based design of which you speak?

Thanks for the link. Perhaps you don’t need drainage, but rather just let the plants transpire the fluids out? I’d imagine that you’d only use it when the weather is so inclement that you cant do it outside?
If you plan to use it year round, I agree that you would need some form of drainage, if only to “flush” the soil and remove a build up of contaminants.

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Thanks for comment. Yeah, I am building this to be outside and think a solid wood base might not be the best way forward, still messing around with options. Just found a typo in the measurements too. Says 105 CM for width of base but width of box is 150 CM. I will see if I can comment on the original plans.

Hi @nlarson do you need more advice or did you build it already? If so how?

I would use pond liner inside of it and then put in a few flange drains with ball valves so you can control when and where it draines.