Modified UTM 1.4 PCB

So I’m helping my students put together a farm bot from scratch. We started with the v1.0 bones and have been taking bits and pieces from V1.4 to upgrade our machine with. We’ll post the parts that we’ve changed and modified to a github repo when we’ve finished.

Now on to the point.

We’ve taken the 1.4 UTM and ported it to eagle.


So we’ve had to make some changes to the design since the pogo pins from the original design are magical unicorns sprinkled in fairy dust. Either that or my google-fu sucks.

Shrunk the holes to 2.1mm to use uxcell P591 21mm contacts. I’m hoping these will work well, but have to test them out first.

Here’s the modified board:

Also, if you want to original flavor it’s here: