Modifying existing sequences such as mount_tool()

Is there a way to get under the hood of the mount_tool() code as I want to make a tweak or two?

Ideally, I would be able to see the code and copy it to a local sequence for testing.

@mvillion it’s @ farmbot_os/priv/lua/mount_tool.lua at staging · FarmBot/farmbot_os · GitHub

Thanks. That looks quite exciting.

It is interesting to look at the dismount_tool code where it reports error.
I am now very interested in the error-handling side of the code.

Is there any standard error handling besides reporting via the web page in real-time?
As I have described in my other thread, I have a ‘park’ positon to provide feedback to the user (me) that something went wrong.

Yes, the Elixir Console (IEx) exists on every Raspberry Pi running FBOS. It’s not a tortuous task to add SSH suport to a custom-built version of FBOS.
Then you have SSH terminal, SFTP to copy stuff and a way to send local “firmware” (FBOS) updates to your machine !

This is the way I run my headless bot.


What do you mean ‘headless’ (I get what it means conceptially) but what do you mean practically compared to standard FB? [If you don’t mind me asking].

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