Motor wiring / movement issue with new V1.6 main board

In order to solve an issue with my Y motor movement Rory kindly sent me a new V1.6 board.
I installed the board several months ago, but had an issue with motor movement. I stopped playing with it, due to other commitments.
I am now able to work on the Farmbot again, but the first thing I’ve noticed is that the Z axis is only moving in one direction, regardless of the direction specified in the “controls” section of the Farmbot web app.
When I initially setup the Farmbot, I used my own motors (which were similar but not the same as Farmbot motors) I cut off the connectors on the genuine Farmbot motor cables, and wired them to suit my motors. After being provided with the new board, I have bought some genuine Farmbot motors as well so I think that changing the wiring back to standard would be a good start when solving this issue. I am guessing that the new V1.6 board will work with the standard V1.5 wiring to the motors? If this is true, is there a diagram somewhere of the wiring for the Farmbot motors?

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