Motors stuttering again in 5.0.1

Hey guys, what did you do? My motor, especially the Z motor is having problems again. It seems as if it is running into a stall and then begins again to accelerate. I noticed it on the x-axis as well, but not in “full” movement, only at the beginning. As always, this is statistically random again.

This was perfectly fine in V4, so what did you change? :fearful:

Encoder performance has been greatly improved over previous versions. What you are experiencing is likely the encoders detecting missed steps because the motors are accelerating or moving too quickly. Decreasing your maximum speed will alleviate the issue.

So I need to go below 300? And that should be an improvement to have less speed…? :wink:

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I assume that having a better encoder performance is more worth than higher moving speed.
What about your acceleration? Z-axis needs to pull much weight, could be too much load while accelerating.

Max speed of 300 sounds really slow to me, maybe you can find another solution :disappointed_relieved:

Sadly I can’t say that much about encoder setting and performance since I don’t use encoders yet.

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It should be noted that FarmBot - in the long term - is designed to take care of your plants unattended, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Speed will not be an issue: it will be able to do far more than you can humanly do. Speed is a trade-off for increased accuracy, reliability, and overall performance of your system.

We are easily frustrated nowadays when things take some time. Especially when troubleshooting problems, “waiting” is a big portion of our time spent. But keep at it: it will pay off. Once your system is optimized, the slower speed won’t be an issue for serving your garden at all.


Can it be that you test the new software with the Farmduino and not with the Arduino Mega and Ramps ?

No, this is not out for public use yet - as far as I know…

Hi @Klimbim, my question about testing the new V5 software with the Farmduino was meant for @farmbot @roryaronson c.s.

We run tests with both Farmduino and Arduino MEGA/RAMPS, so I don’t that that would be the issue.

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