Move Absolute only on single axis

While designing my sequences to prepare for my first planting, I began grouping most commonly copied movement into small sequences for reuse. I am stuck while trying to make a small sequence for “Plant seed”. What I would like to do is perform a move absolute for only a single axis (z). I want to ensure that the seeder starts at a known height, so a “Move relative” to ground level, turn off vacuum, then move back to the original known height. The idea is that the parent sequence will “Go to {plant}” and then execute “Plant seed”, so plant seed should trust that the x / y are right, but only control the z axis. I think the easiest solution here might be to allow “Move absolute” to specify the variables {{x}} {{y}} {{z}}. This way you could say move absolute {{x}} {{y}}, -235 so if farmbot was at 1000, 1000, 0, it would move to 1000, 1000, -235.

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That would be a really nice option! I often want the Farmbot to move at a certain height, for example to avoid touching plants. Are there any solution at the moment?