Moving auxiliary motor

When is it going to be available in the web app a button in order to move the auxiliary motor, I´ve seen tha the Farmduino 1.5 already has the hardware to move another stepper motor but i can´t find any button on the interface to move it.

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I had the same question so I looked at the FarmbotOS code today and found nothing that supports activity for that 5th ( Auxilliary ) stepper controller. The firmware supplied and supported by FarmBot for the MCU has only basic init code for that AUX stepper and no movement or reporting interface ( as I read it ). So it’s your turn to write custom firmware if you want to hang a motor on that AUX stepper controller. @Gabriel might confirm this :slight_smile:

I wonder if there is a way of using the aux driver to substitute for a failed Y axis driver? Just to recap, Rory has kindly agreed to send me a replacement Farmduino, due to my Y axis driver failing, but I see that the new board will not be available until the end of March this year. It would be great to get things going again in the interim, by using a different unused driver.

The Farmduino v1.4 has pluggable stepper drivers, the Farmduino v1.5, v1.6 does not.
There’s no way in the current software to do such a logical swap.

I could possibly loan you a Farmduino v1.5 board for a month or two if you wear the shipping cost to and fro.

Thanks John, but the cost of 2 way freight would probably be greater than the money that I’d save in that time buying vegetables. I appreciate the offer though.

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