MQTT and/or API help

Hi all, im stuck. i want to control my farmbot from openhab.
for testing im using MQTT explorer. i have got all the info for the connection. host, username and password using API
when i try to connect to the MQTT i get “disconnected from server” and farmbot shows MQTT ACCESS DENIED Subscribed to illegal topic # device_#####

i am also trying to work out how to start a sequences via API instead but having no luck there ether.

Which topics are you attempting to subscribe to? If you haven’t done so already, you can click the ADVANCED button, delete the existing topics, and add a new bot/device_123/# topic, where 123 is your device ID.

For reference, here is a link to the MQTT documentation page that includes information about sending messages and subscribing to topics.

how can i subscribe if it disconnects me before i can?

never mine. its just the software thats doing it. i tried using MQTTool on iphone and its working there

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