MQTT with Node-Red


I connected the farmbot with node-red to get information into Salesforce. But now i want to sent command to the farmbot with mqtt.

But it didn’t work to post commands to the farmbot. Have someone experience/example script for sending mqtt commands to the farmbot with node-red?

@Maikel That sounds like an interesting project! How are you sending the command over MQTT? Have you had success sending the command over MQTT outside of Node-Red?

Also, if you have not done so already, I recomend taking a look at the CeleryScript Developer Documentation.

Hi Rick, Thank you for your reply. Yes with Salesforce i can connect a low-code platform to the Farmbot so i can create some extra functionality and test it. I looked again in the documentation and now its working and i sent some commands to the Farmbot succesfully.

@Maikel Glad to hear it! I (and I’m sure many others on the forum) would love to hear about your experiences with Node-Red and farmbot.

Please consider posting it in the developer section @RickCarlino if something comes back from @Maikel :wink: