Muhahahahaha - New project ripper weeder

How is this for a side project.

Servo-driven weeder for Farm bot.

Let’s see if I can make it work.


That’s very cool! Are you going to wire it through all the cable carriers up to the farmduino? Also, are you working with the XL or standard platform?
Mostly curious if the servo will act normally with such a long cable.

Keep us updated!

Yes. So many things to work out.

I have a standard Genisis FB and I have no idea how to take the next steps - But I have jaws.
I have a lot of research to do. LOL

I love the spinning weeder, but it cannot be used on all weeds, especially if the weed is on the wrong side of the plant, so I have been looking for other options. I considered lasers, high-voltage lightning and jaws. Jaws wins for now, but I am concerned that the vertical pull might pull it out of the UTM. This will test my coding skills to write a routine that can accommodate that fact.

Very cool :sunglasses:, looks like a product I once discovered in a shop micro:Maqueen Mechanischer Greifer - Bastelgarage Elektronik Online Shop

Probably buying one too, but first I need finish some other stuff :wink:

Were you able to work out the laser problems?