Multi Level Greenhouse Implementation

I am brainstorming a couple of ways to allow the farmbot access to multiple levels of crops, as you could imagine the problem is that the gantry would collide with the supports for the plant beds in a multi story setting, I wanted to see if anyone had input on two ideas or ideas of their own.

the first would be to allow/code the gantry to “jump” tracks, the problem I see with this is that it would have to perfectly line up with the other tracks. However by using stops or lasers and some fine tuning I think you could find a way to do it.

the second option would be to only have one vertical arm as the gantry holding the cross slide, this would then be sort of like a crane and would give farmbot access to all the levels BUT it would still have to have a way to hinge or retract the long arm.

I’m sure there is a better way to do this than I am considering and would love some input!


also forgot to mention, there is a way to design the plant beds that would allow the farm bot to pass up but you would have to use really heavy and costly materials to do so.

The idea is a seed and a trigger for new possibilities. Something like vertical farms.
I think it would be interesting if you could make a drawing or sketch by hand to accompany your proposal with an image and be able to think from there.

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a vertical farm is still the idea of course but every level of the vertical farm needs to be accessible by the farmbot

I wonder if rotating the beds on some sort of frame would be easier than trying to move the farmbot?

So have the farmbot frame at the top and rotate beds under it?

Depends on how much weight there is I suppose, but likely to be simpler?

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