Multiple Garden Bed Layouts in Farm Designer

Hey, So some of you have seen the Mobile FarmBot we’ve been working on.

I just came up with this thought but if we have different groups of students working on their own bins. It would be interesting and useful if they could have their own garden bed layouts in the Farm Designer.

so some student groups want to only plant basil with 5 rows but say other student groups want to plant butterhead lettuce and can only have 3 rows (as the size of lettuce does make a difference in how many plants can be planted) . So it would be awesome for the students to be able to switch t the according garden bed layout.

but also! Side thought: another idea we were thinking about was to just have the student groups create their own accounts per group. only issue with that is the volume of accounts that would be created would be a lot over the course of a year and im not sure if that would overwhelm the Farmbot web app servers and be more of a problem.


any input on this one? I understand this is a very large task to challenge.

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Considering the current software architecture, your various student groups should just create new accounts. That way they can all have their own sequences, regimens, farm events, and farm designer layout, without the potential of messing up another group’s system. The main drawback to this method is that the students will need to reconfigure the bot to link it to their account each time, but that should only take a few minutes.


got it.

thanks for the info on that Rory!

Dispite Rory’s advice for Cjaramillogrows, I still think this feature request has merits. It’d be nice to save a completed garden design, switch between designs, and be able to export / share / import those garden designs.



I’m with @mdingena on that. One should be able to export garden layout + regimen from one farmbot to another.

The ability to save gardens is now available.

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Oh awesome!!! This is gonna be such a game changer for the FarmBot within Education.

Right on FarmBot Team. :+1::slightly_smiling_face: