Multiple WIFI access points


I’ve setup my Farmbot using the WIFI configurator from home and now I wanted to set from another place. However, when I boot the Raspberry Pi, the WIFI configurator doesn’t show up.

My question is: is it possible to configure the access to multiple WIFI SSID? Or do I have to reinstall the OS to reinitiate the installation process?

Thank you for your help,

Hi Benjamin,

The configurator should show up whenever FarmBot cannot connect to the web application either due to bad wifi credentials or bad web app credentials. So when you take your Pi outside of range of your home wifi, it should go back into configurator mode so you can enter the new place’s wifi credentials. Right now there is no way to store multiple credentials because we don’t anticipate people moving their devices much or changing their network settings.

Hi Rory,

Thank you for your help. Unfortunately, when I get the RPi somewhere else, the FarmBot Wifi configurator does not boot. I reinstalled the software image to have access to the wifi configurator.

I have another quick question: the wifi on which I am trying to connect right now is university wifi, which has no password and enables connectivity by opening ports for specified MAC address. So I retrieved the MAC address of the RPi with the FarmBot software installed.
My question is: if there is no password on the wifi access point, should I leave the password section (of the wifi configurator) empty? Will the RPi be able to connect to the wifi?

Thanks again,

Hmmm we’ll look into why the configurator isn’t showing up for you in the new location.

On the subject of unsecured wifi access points: the form on the configurator currently requires the password field, though the underlying system does not. So we’ll re-work the form so that it works with unsecured networks. We’ll probably have a fix out in the next week or so.