My diy Farmbot project in China


I am very excited because I want to build a farmbot by myself. Right now, I am planning to build two farmbots, and one is on the top floor, and another is building on the wall. The size is 1.2m2.4m and 10m0.4m. I will update my progress at any time.





Stack Great Photos!

Thanks for posting these FarmBot builds! You’re going to have some great FarmBots when you’re finished. Please keep us posted on your progress so we can show others.


Do you have much rain in your area? Did you think about drainage?

Looks great :wink:


So stylish!
I would put this in my livingroom!
Will the Z-axis be able to reach the soil?


Thanks for sharing !


Nice ! Where did you get the raised bed kit ?


Hi, i want to build a farmbot by myself too. can i have your wechat number? my wechat number is 15575880007. i live in changsha,hunan. 朋友,请问您哪里的?能一起交流制作这个吗?我刚做完pcb板,还没焊接完。