connection issues


Hi! I started a thread but no one has replied yet.

I can’t connect to and the last time I did was Friday night (local time)

I am guessing there is nothing wrong with the wifi connection but perhaps software. I have updated to 4.0.1 since then have been having this issue

I was calibrating the bot and the it just kept saying ‘Doing Movement’

I switched off the power. Reflashed the SD card again. Took off all the wires and reinstalled everything again.

After I logged in this morning it still showed exactly the same thing and was doing the same movement. Z axis moving down.

After reading about connection issues with 4.0.1 and using the suggestions on GitHub of down grading to 3.1.6 and the back to 4.0.0 I still cannot connect

Is there any way to reset I’d appreciate any help.


I have been away for a while. You have helped me before. Rory has been working with me on connectivity. my Comtrend router is 15 feet from the Farmbot. My win10 computer is 10 feet from the Farmbot. I am able to run os… 5.04, 5.05, and have down and put on a sd and get red and green lights on the Farmbot at startup.

I can connect with wifi and run the config console and with email and password get the ability to startup the console and login. I am connected , of sorts. Rory in cllif. can log in.and reports that all works.

I get this.

I am connecting from N.Y.

I have seen a time out when trying to connect. I think that it has something to do with a changeover from wifi to rj45 tcpip. I sit here reading the router manual. Any suggestions? There is always config. info on startup.

Please forward to Rory. I don’t know how to forward this email.




I would like to add this screen shot




We had the same issue earlier this week. Ours didn’t connect until we reconfigured it to only run with an ethernet cable. I thought it may have just been an issue with our wifi.


Sure thing, let’s see what some of the devs have to suggest!

@roryaronson @Gabriel

I haven’t fully utilized a hardline yet. I’ve been working on setting up our own FarmBot Server and once that’s up and running well have it hard-lined always!


Hi @Albert,

As mentioned over email and indicated by the connectivity widget in your screenshot, your Windows 10 computer/web browser is able to load and log in to the web application just fine. I was able to load your account as well with my computer.

Also indicated by the connectivity widget is that your FarmBot device has not yet connected to the web application.

Your browser is connected correctly, but we have no recent record of FarmBot connecting to the internet. This usually happens because of a bad WiFi signal in the garden, a bad password during configuration, or a very long power outage

Either you have misconfigured the FarmBot which would prevent it from connecting to your wifi router or your web app account, or your wifi router is preventing the FarmBot from accessing the web application.

Can you try connecting the FarmBot to your router with an ethernet cable and reconfiguring to use ethernet? That will rule out any issues with wifi.


Thanks for hanging in there. I have worked with this config… starting with 3.0.x and until a day that I couldn’t connect. I will search to find how to get connected rj45 . It might be that the router running 4 ea 56k channels is not able to transfer the rpi3 wifi connection to the rj45 4 ea. rj45 connections in some way.




My problem is simular:
Any suggestions?

Message Broker Not connecting to the Farmbot.




I have seen the same failure which shows green bar from FarmBot to Web App while shows red bar from Farmbot to Message Broker. Any idea how to debug?


After the usual of leaving the farmbot on for long periods of time and turning it off for long periods of time so as to letting farmbot update on its own, we set up an alternate site rpi3 and arduino off site and did all the reconfig stuff.

We were able to login and update and everything ran fine with all green remotely. Every bit of internet connectivity is surrounded by routing and look up tables. I think we reset something in what is sequenced, or received through our router or through the rpi3 and arduino.

Then local login went fine and we were able to continue update. Be sure that all cables are connected. Especially the Arduino to rpi3 usb.




One of the first things to try when your connection doesn’t seem to be working properly is the ping command. Open a Command Prompt window from your Start menu and run a command like ping google or ping yahoo.

Make sure that the cables that connect the computer to the Internet or your home network are secured firmly. Additionally, make sure that the network devices that your computer uses are turned on and working correctly.

If you are experiencing problems with a variety of websites, they may be caused by your modem or router. The modem is the device that communicates with your Internet service provider, while the router shares the connection among all the computers and other networked devices in your household. In some cases, the modem and router may be the same device.

Do an antivirus scan on the computer and try installing a different browser and accessing that website in the other browser. There are lots of other software problems that could be the cause, including a misconfigured firewall.

If all else fails, contact your Internet provider to verify whether they are experiencing an outage. Some providers also give advice on troubleshooting problems connecting to their network .


hey Albert, can you solve this problem? I have the same, but I don’t know what is the error :frowning:


hello Rick, I have the some problem about connection, please can you help me with this?


@roryaronson Hello Rory, please help me with this problem, my friend :frowning:


Please provide more information, including the steps that you have taken and the step that you are stuck on.


I have a similar problem since upgrading to 6.4.3. FarmBot will not connect to Web App. All other connections are working. Any suggestions?


Never mind. I figured it out. After going through the configuration again and re-entering the credentials it connected


Can I know what the meaning of this problem. Yes i suddenly shutdown my farmbot…but to solve this problem? Thank you


what version of the console are you running?

upper right hand corner of the console drop down menu under your name, please.