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We’re considering to purchase a Genesis model for educational purpose.

We have a few places where we could fit the Farmbot, but most are quite narrow. Is it possible to fit a Genesis on a 2ft x 10ft grow bed with some software modification?

  • The width must be less than 30" so the bed can go through doors.
  • Our mechanical engineer is thinking of a way to make a splittable bed so 2 x 5ft parts.

Thank you


Hello Nicolas,

The FarmBot dimensions are fully adjustable. The only requirement is that you make perfectly straight cuts to the aluminum tracks. You can cut the tracks to any custom dimension, however the tracks should be cut using a metal cutting bandsaw may be needed to complete this task.

These photos below show a FarmBot Genesis system that has been cut to a specific size. This one (photos below) is 1m wide by 1.3m long. This one without the soil weighs about 50lbs (22kg) including the wood base and is fully transportable, to fit through a doorway.

The FarmBot can be adjusted smaller by cutting the aluminum tracks. However it can not be adjusted larger than the design maximum dimensions. If you plan to re-size the FarmBot smaller you will need to get a metal cutting band saw to cut the aluminum tracks. You can also likely go to your local machine shop and get the tracks cut to your ideal dimensions.

If you do cut the aluminum extrusions (tracks), you will need to take care when you install the cables and tubing. You will need to ensure the cables and tubing are managed properly and using the zip ties you will need to ensure that the additional length of cables and tubing are kept out of the way and don’t create additional burden on the FarmBot motors.

This is a photo example of a FarmBot Genesis XL that has been fit onto a space that is smaller than the designed area. You can see there was a significant amount of slack in the cable. This is an extreme example but using zip ties, we have kept all the additional cables and tubing out of the way of the Y-Axis tracks and motors and away from any interference with the Z-Axis. This is a functional FarmBot that is running in Edmonton Alberta.

Also, we have even smaller mini FarmBots where the tracks have been adjusted to fit a service area 18 inches x 18 inches. This mini-FarmBot resides with @RickCarlino in Chicago.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance with respect to the FarmBot.



Please also take a look at these innovative FarmBot designs.

Branksome Hall Asia Genesis XL with customized dimensions - Jeju, South Korea (Dimensions 1.5m x 5.5m)

Check out this configuration that has mounted the FarmBot onto a movable structure to service multiple beds. This one is located at City University in New York, and they have several FarmBot beds that they are managing. They move the beds into place and have the FarmBot operating on a stationary structure. This allows the operator to manage several garden beds using one FarmBot. The FarmBot software can manage several gardens at once.


Wow thanks for the examples!

So we can even go with the Genesis XL and build a smaller bed even if the manual states that it’s not recommended?

Another option is to make the planting bed out of modular boxes that can fit through your doors. Then when it gets to its final location you can attach the boxes together in a grid fashion and then attach the rails. For example you could build 8 boxes that fit together into 4 rows in two columns.

My box is welded steel. and each side (long sides 10’, short sides 4’ 6") was brought into the space and then welded together and the rails installed.

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