Network steering causes issues for Raspberry Pi


Today we figured out that the Raspberry by can work on a Dual band modem (2.4-5). However Band steering needs to be turned of completely. This feature in your modem pushes all traffic to the least congested band > 5Ghz. The Raspberry doesn’t support that.
We are in a corporate network here and cannot change these settings.
We will try to use a Dual-band usb stick.

To be continued.


Raspberry Pi 3 does not support 5ghz, but Raspberry Pi 3 B+ does. Unfortunately we don’t ship the new B+ with Farmbot kits.

As for a usb stick, the driver will not be enabled. If you tell us the model of the usb stick, we can consider adding it if it is a relatively common device.


I found a good priced, good reviewed and quite often used USB dongle from TP-Link:

  • TP-LINK Archer T2U WiFi stick 433 Mbit/s

You mentioned it will not work, does that mean we will -if you can integrate it- be able to use it in the next update of the FarmBot OS?


I’d be dropping in a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ board instead of going to a USB WiFi device.
You may need to bring the WiFi router closer to the bot to get good 5GHz signal strength.