New Camera Calibration Issues

Hello everyone,

I have installed a new camera, instead of the that comes with the FarmBot.
There don’t seem to be any issues with taking picture. These show up normally.
However, when I attempt to calibrate the camera for Soil Height detection/Weed Detection it does not take any pictures because:

“[Measure Soil Height] Image size must match calibration.”

When I want to calibrate it then gives an error:

“[camera-calibration] ERROR: Calibration failed, calibration object not detected in image. Check recent photos.”

The thing is, if I check the recent images the calibration card is perfectly in view.

Does anyone have an idea of how to handle this?

Can you show us a picture of the taken calibration photo? Light is a very important and sensitive thing when it comes to calibration. I usually calibrate only at night so I can control the brightness with the LED strip.

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