New Camera Calibration Method

Hi all,

A new method for calibrating FarmBot’s camera via a printed calibration card with a dot grid is now available in the photos panel. This method greatly simplifies and automates the calibration procedure by removing the need to precisely place calibration objects in the soil, measure their distance, ensure the color range is set to provide accurate results, and figure out where the origin is in the image.

Because all Genesis v1.5+ and Express v1.0+ kits include the new calibration card, the new method is presented as the default procedure. The old method is still available via the USE ALTERNATIVE METHOD checkbox.

You can find updated documentation here.


Hi @roryaronson,
Awesome! we want to use this method for farmbot v1.3.
But the camera calibration card is sold out, can you provide this image file for non-Farmbot V1.5 users?



I’ve added links to the product page (and docs) to PDFs of the front and back for printing yourself. Just make sure you print without stretching or scaling!


Big thanks!!!

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The new procedure is awesome!

One thing - if it doesn’t work for you, definitely pay attention to the instructions regarding lighting. I couldn’t get it to work during the day but at night - turned on FarmBot lights and it worked like a charm.