New command: Create Event

I would like to be able to create events from inside sequences.

  • New Create Event command block, that let’s you schedule a regimen or sequence at a given datetime.
  • New Create Event option for the If Statement command.
  • New Create Event option for the Assertion command.

Use case:

  1. My watering sequence is triggered.
  2. Using an assertion command I check the weather forecast for my area.
  3. Result says it’s going to rain soon, so I want to abort this watering sequence. But I also want to check later if it has actually rained or not. So I want to choose an option Abort and Schedule Event.
  4. I schedule another watering sequence that includes a soil sensor check and another weather API assertion.

On a side-note, it would be good if these Events could be scheduled with both:

  • absolute datetime, like a calendar picker and time;
  • relative delay, like “in 2 hours”, or “tomorrow”, or “next week”.

With optional repeat also :slight_smile:

I’ve made a note of this feature, though it will most likely not be implemented any time soon. We’ve got a backlog of bugs I’d like to fix, plus some other things we need to take care of before the Northern Hemisphere springtime rush pummels our servers with traffic.